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Klyne functional bathroom furniture and cupboards. we use natural Malaysia laminated solid wood by deep steaming process and then we dry the texture of natural wood pulp according to synthesis.

Green Teak: Originates in Indonesia, Burma, Thailand and India. Perfectly bright, straight texture, obvious colour contrast, fashionable and dynamic design, does not wrap or cracks, water proof, corrosion proof, fire proof, comprehensive performance often used in the manufacture of personalized and high grade furniture.

Walnut wood veneer sheets: origin of the United State and Canada. Walnut hard texture, shiny sheet mask the traditional walnut for the piano surface and high-grade automotive interior trim, a dark species of high-grade selection.

Red oak wood veneer sheets: origin of the United States, North America. Hard wood, high toughness, clear texture, natural wood. Used for advanced furniture manufacturing, the surface color will maintain good texture.

Thai Teak wood veneer sheets: Origin of Myanmar, Malaysia, the Philippines. The large trunk diameter is golden in colour, rugged texture clear wood with natural oil, has good physical properties and on behalf of those noble golden imperial color.

Black Oak: Originating in America and Canada, with very clear and fairly deep mountain pattern shaped wood texture, giving us the feeling of being close to the nature and also excellently highlighting the noble spirit.

Ebony: Originates from Indonesia. Hard wood, bright color and texture symmetry. The solemn surface with Aura called “Wood in the gold”.